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If the property needs substantial repairs to sell for top dollar, you can sell the estate home to one of our cash investors who can provide immediate liquidity to the estate.

Many people find that inheriting real estate can be more stress than it’s worth and would rather just sell and get the cash, along with the emotional release of knowing they can move on.
Aside from the costs that can mount during the probate process, you will also be responsible for maintaining a vacant home. This can be more expensive and burdensome if the probated property is located far away.
If you want to sell the estate home quickly for cash, without having to make repairs, you should strongly consider selling to an investor.
Keep in mind, our mission is to educate you on your options so that you and your family can make the most informed decisions. No matter what course you decide, you will get peace of mind knowing the property sale and other services are handled by an experienced team that understands the intricate details of probate, trust and inherited property sales.
options as it relates to the probate, trust or inherited property.

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