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Shortly after Bill's mother passed away, we contacted him to offer our service of a free consultation.  Prior to our meeting with Bill, he had spoken with a traditional agent about listing the home for sale. After explaining the difference between a certified probate realtor and a traditional agent as well as walking Bill through our easy to follow process, Bill, along with his attorney’s approval, contracted us to list the home.   Due to our marketing efforts, the house sold for 98% of asking price in 10 days on the market.  With our experience, we were able to overcome some difficult title situations that could have stalled the process. 

Chris lived in Maryland however his mother owned a house in King Of Prussia.  Chris had no idea as to home values in the area, never sold a house before, and had no idea how to handle the whole process from a distance.  Once Chris removed all the personal belongings he decided to keep, we assisted Bill in donating the remaining items and then having a cleanout company dispose of everything else. Our recommended contractor made a few minor repairs and painted several rooms, and once complete we had the house professionally cleaned.   Even though the house needed some work we were able to produce over 15 showings with 4 offers and closed on the house within 30 days.   Chris never had to return back to the area, was wired the proceed funds at closing, and was finally able to move on with the grieving process. 

When Anthony's mother sadly passed, he decided his home now became too large for just one person.  We consulted with Anthony and came up with game-plan for him to easily make his transition to a simpler life.   After a few staging strategies and professional pictures were taken, Anthony was pleased to accept an offer within 30 days on the market and then 30 days after that was settled into his new, simpler, easier apartment lifestyle.  

When we first contacted Jim and Jennifer, they were getting bombarded with solicitations. They lived out of state and were unsure as to how the home sale process worked in PA.  Due to our unique and specific program, we were contracted to sell their aunt’s property.  Jim and Jennifer had an attorney advising them as to the market prices and how the process would work.   Through our consultation, we determined they were getting bad advice.  Against their attorney wishes and through the trust they showed, they followed our suggestions.   In 7 days we were able to sell the home for over asking price.   25% higher than what their well meaning attorney suggested. 

Lisa and Lynda had been sitting on a vacant property for over a year and didn’t have the heart to sell the family home. They were paralyzed with how to start the process.   After meeting them and talking them through the process, we gave specific deadlines and provided them with a list of vendors.  Due to the condition of the home, and the results of our pricing options, we agreed it would better sold in “as-is” condition.  Instead of selling it to a “we buy homes for cash” investor, we put the property on the open market and were able to sell for more than $40,000 more than a previous investor offer. 

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